VO Royal Collection

The warm reception and the enormous attention our rifles and our craftsmanship attracted at our first visit to The United Arab Emirates touched us deeply and gave us the courage to realize the dream of building the most exclusive rifle collection in the world: The VO Royal Collection United Arab Emirates Edition – The King of Rifles.

The first rifle in the VO Royal Collection United Arab Emirates Edition has been built and dedicated to H.H. Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan. This in order to honour the man who moulded the people that gave us the inspiration and courage to realize our dream.

No more than the 100 unique handmade rifles in this collection will ever be built.

To each rifle in the collection comes a book. The book consists of 100 pages, each page presenting a rifle. New pages will be sent out continuously to the owner’s present new rifles until the book is full.
Then we close the collection.