Our walnut

The walnut root is the natural choice for VO Vapen AB, not only for its strength and lightness but also for its beauty. An aged walnut root is an absolute necessary ingredient for making a beautiful rifle.

VO Vapen AB selects the best walnut root in different countries in Europe. Mr Master Gunsmith Viggo Olsson and his son Gunsmith Ulf Olsson select the trees themselves. When the roots are dug up they are transported to Sweden, where they are stored and naturally air-dried.

When the humidity is at the correct level, the roots are washed and the bark is shaved off. Then the roots are cut into planks on a homemade saw. Throughout the next three years, the planks must be stored in different facilities where the moisture is gradually drawn out of them.

The moisture is checked and when it has the right balance, the plank is cut into one or several stock blocks.